Afrobeats Barcelona FestivalJune 17th, 2019

Dark Hood Africa and Barnadise presents:

Afrobeats lands in Barcelona for the first time in a festival format, bringing the culture and the rhythm of Fela Kuti’s “Afrobeat” with the electronic sounds of the new AfrobeatS generation and other beats of Africa.

Concerts +11 artists / bands, Face Painting, Braids, Dance workshops. . .

Promotional video:

19€ Advance tickets
Using the discount code: barnadise


Ogun Afrobeat (video) · DE9 (video) · Momi Maiga + Live band (video) · Denatora (video) · Makuriya (video) · Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (video) · Akay (video) · Marlene Diva ·afrobeats medley· (video) · Orquesta Africana de Barcelona (video) · Anthony Diaz (video) · Ana Untico (video)


Vanuza Casimiro (video)

Discount code: barnadise
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Info: ENG / ESP / FR / CAT

visit DarkHoodFilms.comJanuary 20th, 2019

DE9 – Sweety [lyric video]January 19th, 2019

DE9 presents his new single Sweety, number 12 off his upcoming Album “Supremo”

DE9 – Come Around Me [lyric video]January 19th, 2019

DE9 presents his new single “Come Around Me” number 13 off his upcoming album “Supremo”


A great year…January 1st, 2019

2018 was a great year for us.., We wish You a happy a prosperous 2019.



Marlene Diva:

Marlene Diva live (As Mulheres Da Minha Vida)December 31st, 2018

Marlene Diva presented “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” live in Barcelona.

Merry Xmas & Prosperous 2019December 25th, 2018

Marlene Diva, Today Saturday live at Sala 79 (Barcelona)November 3rd, 2018

Today Saturday, 3rd of November, Marlene Diva will be presenting her latest EP “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” mixing Kizomba and Tango.

She will be backed up by Ignasi Coromina with the Spanish Guitar, Andrés Mejia with the percurtion and Jorgelina Cángaro with the piano.


Marlene Diva presents the second video clip “Passeio Semba” off her last EP “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida”

Directed by: EBi imagine
Dark Hood Films


Marlene Diva’s November in BarcelonaOctober 23rd, 2018

Marlene Diva’s November in Barcelona

3 Nov.           Sala Nota 79          21:30hrs
9 Nov.            Jam Circus           20:00hrs
17 Nov.          Porta Roja          20:00hrs

Event on facebook:


Marlene Diva Live 3rd Nov. Nota 79 (Barcelona)October 21st, 2018

Soul & Kizomba + Tango @ Nota 79 Barcelona

Marlene Diva, a vocalist with roots from Angola, who played 3 roles in Disney movie “Frozen” Spanish version, presents her EP “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” with a live show of Soul & Kizomba + Tango, alongside Jogelina Cángaro, pianist and guitarist from Argentina, backed with other musicians and dancers, presenting a unique experience.

Promotional video:


Event on facebook:


Presentation of As Mulheres Da Minha Vida (Barcelona)October 12th, 2018

Presentation of AS MULHERES DA MINHA VIDA by Marlene Diva, in the city of Barcelona alongside Jorgelina Cángaro on the keyboard, guitar and backup voices. In some of the shows, we will be backed up by a live band of four musicians and 2 couples of dancers.

We will performing all the tracks from de EP live, giving the songs a new look mixing Soul & Kizomba with Tango.

Dates will soon be announced in:

for more information:

Dark Hood 14th AnniversayOctober 1st, 2018

We are now 14 years ! (since 2004)

1 September 2004 Dark Hood
1 October 2009 Dark Hood E-Studios

Now bridging Africa and Europe with more than 430K followers.

#Thanks for the trust.

DE9 – Homeboy [Live Version]September 21st, 2018

DE9 presents the live version of his hit track “Homeboy”

Marlene Diva – Angola (official video)August 19th, 2018

The official videoclip  for Marlene Diva’s hit track Angola, is out now.
The videoclip is directed by our director EBi iMagine, whos storyboard idea was the return of Marlene Diva to her home land, facing all her fears and doubts.

Everything in the video clip, moves around the flag, symbols and history of Angola. / Dark Hood Films 2018


New logo for Dark Hood FilmsJuly 18th, 2018

Sky Journal Media now Dark Hood AfricaJune 10th, 2018

Dear followers,

As much as some of you have known, for the past years, we separated our multimedia department “Dark Hood” dedicated to the European community from our journal department “Sky Journal Media” dedicated to the African Continue reading

DE9 – YOU REMIND MEMay 3rd, 2018

D€9 presents a new single from his upcoming album CHWM

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Rels B pays homage to Marlene DivaMay 3rd, 2018

The spanish artist Rels B pays homage to Marlene Diva in his last single “buenos genes” featuring Dellafuente. The urban artist with residence in Barcelona sampled the principal melody of Marlene Diva’s song titled   Continue reading

DE9 – YOU REMIND ME [fashion film]May 2nd, 2018

D€9 released this fashion film some weeks ago, for the promotion of his new single, you remind me.

Marlene Diva – As Mulheres Da Minha Vida (EP)April 1st, 2018

Marlene Diva, the singer that interpreted three rolls on Disney’s movie, Frozen, is now presenting her third studio album, an EP  titled “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida”.

The EP is made of 5 songs  in form of tribute to some of music’s greatest divas, such as: Cesaria Evora, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Sade y Mila Domingos.

The vocalist that was interviewed on BBC radio, Continue reading

DE9 – Come OverFebruary 18th, 2018

D€9 presents a new single from his upcoming album CHWM




Google Play:

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Merry Xmas & Prosperous 2018December 30th, 2017

Happy 13 years; Dark Hood inc.October 1st, 2017

1 OCT 2004 Dark Hood Inc.
1 SEPT 2009 Dark Hood Emporio

Electrole en Medellin, ColombiaOctober 1st, 2017

The last videoclip directed by EBi “Electrolé” will be projected at el festival de flamenco de Medellín, Colombia.

design: EBi

Electrolé (videoclip oficial)October 1st, 2017

Dark Hood Films presents Electrolé official videoclip

Electrolé (videoclip oficial)

Camera, Directed, Edited, EFX & Colour Correction by: EBI
Dark Hood films 2017

DE9 – C.H.W.M (soon)October 1st, 2017

D€9 announced:  C.H.W.M

for 17 . 11 . 17

DE9 Trending topic with HomeboyOctober 1st, 2017

D€9 was trending topic with his 5th single titled “Homeboy”

Marlene Diva – As Mulheres Da Minha Vida (soon)October 1st, 2017

Marlene Diva announced;  As Mulheres Da Minha Vida

release date 20/10/2017

DE9 – Homeboy [lyric video]July 11th, 2017

Dark Hood presents D€9’s new single “Homeboy” enjoy:

D€9 – Homeboy [lyric video]

Dark Hood Films 2017
Available on Spotify, itunes, Amazon . . .

DE9 – Barnadise [Alnoise remix] videoJuly 11th, 2017

Dark Hood presents D€9’s official videoclip for his track “Barnadise” AlNoise remix

D€9 – Barnadise [Alnoise remix] video

Camera, Directed, Edited, EFX & Colour Correction by: EBI
Dark Hood films 2017

Alnoise – Awakening EP (out now)July 11th, 2017

Alnoise presents his debut EP “Awakening”. an Ep you can’t listen to while sitting down.

01. Hurricane (Awakening EP)

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Dark Hood Management presents: ElectroleJuly 11th, 2017

Electrolé is conceived due to the creative need and restlessness of the multifaceted producer, correographer and dancer Mariano Cruceta.

This is a project that aims to be an artistic platform from which new tendency of expresion of flamenco will be generated. Fichastar – Mami yo kiero (video)June 15th, 2017 presenta: Fichastar – Mami yo kiero (video)

Directed, camera, edited, colour correction, FX:

DE9 – Barnadise & ijeoma ( Live )March 6th, 2017 presents:
D€9 a Beast & a Gentleman

Video by: EBI

DE9 – Barnadise (lyric video) making ofMarch 5th, 2017 presents the making of D€9 – Barnadise (lyric video), our most ambitious project till date. Counting with 6 different drawing artist, 3 companies dedicated to 3D , 3 editors, and everything under EBI’s direction and his final edition to bring to life the part one of what will be a trilogy.

DE9 celebrates his first year of musicMarch 5th, 2017

D€9 formerly kwon as Dowty Ebi, celebrated his first year of music with a video gathering some special moments and giving thanks to his followers.

Blessings @de9thelovebeast [instagram] / @de9iam [twitter] / @de9 [facebook]


“Love me” from DE9 is trending topicMarch 5th, 2017

D€9’s latest single went trending topic.

Google: DE9 – Love me
twitter: DE9 – Love me

“ijeoma” by DE9 trending topic on twitterMarch 5th, 2017

One of D€9’s most celebrated single “ijeoma” was trending topic on twitter.

Google: DE9 – ijeoma
twitter: DE9 – ijeoma

DE9’s “Water” trending on twitterMarch 5th, 2017

Water no get enemy by D€9 was trending topic on twitter.

Google: DE9 – Water no get enemy
twitter: DE9 – Water no get enemy

Google: This sex promo nearly
twitter: This sex promo nearly


This sex promo nearly got him in trouble…(full story)January 6th, 2017

The internet just went crazy! minutes after Linda Ikeji posted on her blog:
“this sex promo nearly got him in trouble”

referring to our TV promo for Continue reading

Merry Navidad $ Prosperous 2017December 25th, 2016

Dark Hood Emporio… since 2004

DE9 – LOVE me (audio)December 19th, 2016

No visuals yet from this hit maker, but D€9 seems not in need of them for his singles to go viral, such as: Ijeoma, Water no get enemy and now “Love Me” that will definitely top the charts.

DE9 – Barnadise (Live at PKO studios)December 19th, 2016

DE9 just released the audio of his upcoming live video titled:
a Beast $ a Gentleman, Live sessions Vol. 1, which will feature
a live session of “Barnadise” & “ijeoma”


DE9 – ijeoma (Live at PKO studios)December 19th, 2016

DE9 just released the audio of his upcoming live video titled:
a Beast $ a Gentleman, Live sessions Vol. 1, which will feature
a live session of “Barnadise” & “ijeoma”


Marlene Diva on Soraya’s new DVDDecember 7th, 2016

Marlene Diva appears as a guest with Gospel Factory and directed by Dani Reus in Soraya Arnelas new DVD.

Here is the making of

DE9 – Barnadise (AlNoise Remix)October 25th, 2016

Dark Hood Emporio presents:
D€9 – Barnadise (AlNoise Remix)

Al Noise: VideobookOctober 23rd, 2016

Dark Hood Management presents Al Noise’s Videobook…

Music by Al Noise
Photo by Dario
Video by EBI

Dark Hood Management presents: Al NoiseOctober 7th, 2016

Dark Hood Management presents: Al Noise

Al Noise is a young DJ and producer of just only 17 years old of life, he sent us a FABULOUS! remix of DE9’s “Barnadise” some weeks ago…
He was interested in Dark Hood Management,  and we saw his huge talent…
so we came to an agreement.

Dark Hood Management steps into electronic music.

Welcome Al Noise… EDM has a new diamond.

MUY PRONTO!!! Barnadise Remix by Al Noise.

DE9 – Water (no get enemy)September 27th, 2016

Dark Hood Emporio presents:

available on itunes, spotify, amazon & all digital stores:


Multiopticas with Marlene Diva’s voiceSeptember 27th, 2016

You can hear some vocals from Marlene diva on the new ad of Multiopticas

Melendi, Eva Yerbabuena, Pitingo…with Marlene DivaSeptember 27th, 2016

Marlene Diva is one of the most requested back up singers… most of the major Spanish super stars has counted on her.

The most recent ones are: Melendi, la balaora Eva Yerbabuena and Pitingo.

Auryn with Marlene Diva at VistalegreSeptember 27th, 2016

Marlene Diva is one of the most required backup singer by artist from different genre… checkout her latest appearance with the band Auryn.

Abraham Mateo ft. Marlene Diva – Baby girlSeptember 27th, 2016

The spanish super star Abraham Mateo features our artist Marlene Diva in his song “Baby girl”. The song is a bonus track on his album “Who I Am”

Dark Hood 12th AnniversarySeptember 2nd, 2016

A day like today (1 Sep) in the year 2004, Dark Hood came to light, in that room located at a 5th floor in calle San Luis, Alcorcon – Madrid.

The view of the window of that room was the backstreet of calle San Luis, which was always dark at n¡ght.  This occurrence was placed in words on a track where Dowty Ebi was featured:

You can’t conquer the soul of he that lives in a “Dark Hood”.


Since then, as good music lovers, we have put in hard work in creating and putting on free download  #GoodMusic, with an innovating formula  of including every need of an artist in one building. And most of all, with a very visual way of promoting each occurrence at Dark Hood. With this, we have inspired and changed the way of doing promo!!! worldwide.

Thanks for accompany us during these 12 years.


DE9 – Ijeoma (Lyric video)August 31st, 2016

Dark Hood Emporio presents:

D€9 – Ijeoma (Lyric video)

available on itunes, spotify, amazon & all digital stores:


Instagram: @de9thelovebeast
Twitter: @de9iam

DE9 – Barnadise (lyric video)June 26th, 2016

After 3 years, Dowty Ebi now known as D€9, releases a new single titled “Barnadise”.

Dark hood Emporio presents DE9’s lyric video for Barnadise.

The journey called life . . .
DE9 – Barnadise (lyric video)
Directed & Edited by EBI
Produced by Dark Hood Films 2016

available on itunes, spotify, amazon & all digital stores.

Free download: Marlene Diva – Poeira no ar (Polvo en el viento)January 6th, 2016

Dark Hood Emporio frees:
on free download, Marlene Diva’s latest single,
Poeira no ar (Polvo en el viento).
Click on the image…

Marlene Diva – Poeira no ar (Polvo en el viento)

Happy Birthday Marlene Diva !July 7th, 2015

Happy Birthday Marlene Diva and many more years!

Gospel Factory + Marlene Diva live at “La Voz” finals Telecinco (video)June 29th, 2015

Gospel Factory + Marlene Diva performed live at the finals of the TV show “La Voz”

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Gospel Factory + Marlene Diva @ “La Voz” Telecinco (video)June 1st, 2015

Enjoy the performance of Gospel factory + Marlene Diva, with some of the contestant of the television program “La Voz” of Telecinco. Continue reading

Jay Santos – Caliente [30 Millions views] #DarkHoodFilmsMarch 25th, 2015

Already 30 Millions views on Youtube #Greatness !
Jay Santos – Caliente
by: EBI
Dark Hood Films

Making Of

Dark Hood Films @ CAN 2015 Malabo (Rich Boys Money)February 11th, 2015

Dark Hood was present at the CAN 2015 (Africa Cup of Nations) during every half time the video clip “We have gone away” by Rich Boys Money, directed by EBI was aired to thousands of people.

EBI Imagine: no fish leftNovember 12th, 2014

Photo: EBI
Retouching: EBI
Design: EBI
Dark Hood Design 2014

checkout the making off

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Marlene Diva in Frozen (Disney)April 25th, 2014

Our artist Marlene Diva, participated on the creation of the spanish version of “Frozen, the last film from Disney.

She interpreted various characters in the movie, using various ranges of her voice.

Checkout the video.

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