Osmin Hernandez training Nenes (video)April 25th, 2014


Here is a lil clip of our fighter Nenes, training with the famous personal trainer Osmin Hernandez. Continue reading

D&DD by EBIApril 24th, 2014


Here are some photos extracted from a sesion by EBI
of a hip hop band called D&DD.

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Biselé – Mil Razones (videoclip) cameo by Marlene DivaApril 24th, 2014


Here is the new video clip from Biselé “Mil Razones”, counting with the cameo of Continue reading


David Calvo “Currito” will be facing Nayanesh Ayman “Nenes”

and Dark Hood Emporio will be one of the sponsors.
GO! GO!! GO!!!

EBI: Spanish National Champion [congratulations]April 13th, 2014

Announced by Nenes (Champion of HMF Europe) on his facebook:
Congrats to my Brother Dowty Ebi for his brutal triumph, 6 fights in 10 hour competition with very strong opponents and more experienced than him, and still he made it: 6 victories, Spanish National Olympic Champion in middle weight division, sanda (kickboxing and judo) an Olympic sport…. a great champion congratulations… GO GO GO!!

Ebi’s thanks message on his facebook [HERE]

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Closing of la Ekuela Taller (Casa Okupa Alcorcon)April 12th, 2014

Dark Hood Emporio is joining the protest of the closing of la Ekuela Taller (Casa Okupa Alcorcon).

An abandoned place where some voluntaries gives free sport activities to the youth that can’t afford a gym.

Here is a photo (of Dowty Ebi & Ghost Man, representing Dark Hood Familia) after participating in some of those activities, with previous invitation from Nenes and Juanan Cristiano.

hope somewhere else will be found,
thanks for counting on Dark Hood Emporio.

Follow: Marlene diva and Yey Wey [instagram]April 12th, 2014

some days ago, somebody extracted the treasure of Dark hood, made with black and white diamonds, iced on 18k gold. And the mentioned treasure was extracted from a vault at Dark Emporio.

The last image captured by our security camera, was an image of our artist Marlene Diva with the mentioned treasure, held with her teeth (so no blueprints left)….

Surprisingly, hours later, our artist Yey Wey posted a photo on his instagram, a photo of at least 9 thousand euros in cash… they sold Dark Hood treasure?¿?

We need your collaboration on the
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Hugo Art winner of Distrito joven #MostolesApril 11th, 2014

Congratulations to our Hugo Art for winning the prize
of Distrito Joven #Mostoles


Dowty Ebi in Fuenlabrada 12 of JulyApril 11th, 2014

Dowty Ebi will be a special guest of Teddy Ziggy’s launching party
@ fuenlabrada (Madrid) on the 12th of July.

Don’t miss it…

Dark Hood PromoSeptember 25th, 2013


More Banners!

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Dowty’s OLD rules are Jay Z’s NEW rulesNovember 2nd, 2013


Just after the release of Jay Z’s last album “Magna Carta, Holy Grail”, lots of media named the new movements of Jay Z as “The new rules of Jay Z” on the music world. These new movements are the creation of Roc nation and Made in America festival, and they were announced as never done by an artist, since most of these movements are new in the eyes of the general public.

After analyzing these two creations “Roc Nation” and “Made in America” we came to know that: apart from the economical distance, their modus operandi are a copy of “Dark Hood Management” and “Dark Hood Urban Party Festival”.

Roc Nation promotes artist on and outside their record label, and they Continue reading

New DarkHood.comNovember 17th, 2013

Just after celebrating 9 years Dark Hood Inc and 4 years Dark Hood Emporio. . .
We have updated our website!!!

You can now enjoy the new www.darkhood.com, though we still using the same interface (design), the “mechine” has been powered.

All the informtions about Us, has been updated and extended.

To know more about Us click on the tabs located at the top of this site:

To know more about the departments of Dark hood Emporio, click the side tabs:

[E-Studio] · [Label] · [Films] · [Management] · [Design] · [Beatz] ·  [TV] · [Radio] · [Models] · [Clothing] · [Clubbin] · [Festival] · [Channel] · [Magazine] · Online Series [Carchichauto] & [Terapia] · [Marlene Diva] · [Gangstas House Music]

Jay Santos – Caliente [makin of]November 29th, 2013

Our director EBI, was incharge of directing the official videoclip of the Spanish hit of this summer 2013 “Caliente” with more than 17 million views on youtube, hit single by the Colombian artist Jay Santos. Checkout the making of.

Jay Santos -- Caliente [makin of] by Dark Hood Films

Camera making of: Ricardo
Edited by: Miguel
Dark Hood Films 2013

Jay Santos -- Caliente [Videoclip oficial]

Camera, Directed and Edited by: EBI
Asistants: Sara, Marcelino, Edu, Albert, Ekata
Dark Hood Films 2013

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Dark Hood Familia, Ponle freno homage to #MusMohaDecember 15th, 2013


On the past 1st of December, some  Members of Dark Hood Familia, with the friends and families of Mus and Moha, attended the homage of these 2 fans of Dark Hood that lost their lives in car accident.

The homage was a 10 km race on a popular race event “Ponle freno” by Antena 3.

Checkout the pics. Continue reading

Merry xmas & Prsperous new yearDecember 24th, 2013

Dark Hood Emporio wishes You:
“Merry xmas & Prsperous new year #2014″

Thanks for all the trust deposited on us during 2013, prosperous 2014
Dark Hood inc. will be 10 years & Dark Hood Emporio 5 years.


Marlene Diva, queen of christmas eve on TVE1 & Tele5January 3rd, 2014


Last christmas eve, our Diva, Marlene Diva was the queen of the Spanish television, apart from her amazing voice, we were all surprised by her omnipresent power :)

Marlene Diva performed the track tilted “Esperame” alongside with Spanish star Pastora Soler and Gospel factory. Later on Gospel factory presented their own track titled “Testimony”, at “la noche en paz” program at channel Telecinco, where many other artists like: Auryn, Abraham Mateo, Antonio Orozco, India Martínez, Pablo López, Pastora Soler, Manuel Carrasco, Rosa López, Carlos Baute,  Continue reading

Dark Hood Familia – Soldado (new single)January 6th, 2014

Dark Hood emporio presents the 6th official Single of Dark Hood Familia,
extracted from their upcoming album “El Dolor de La Victoria” [Leyenda Vol.1]
Track Produced by: Dj Danyt (Germany)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Dark Hood E-Studios Madrid by: EBI & Mailer.

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DE9 first single [coming soon]January 21st, 2014

Instagram: DE9TheLoveBeast
Facebook: facebook/iamDE9
Twitter: @DE9iam
Youtube: youtube.com/DE9tv
Management: info@darkhood.com

Marlene Diva new single [soon]January 27th, 2014

The pianist Santos and Nazan @ Dark Hood E-studio, working on Marlene Diva’s new single.

Facebook turns 10February 5th, 2014

Facebook turns 10 years.

We announcing this news because Dark hood Inc. and Dark hood Emporio shares the same philosophy of the social network and got a lot to be grateful to social networks. From the myspace era to the new era of instagram, we always saw the social networks as an opportunity and a great tool for publicity. from which we took advantage from.

Happy birthday and thanks Facebook.

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DE9 – Water No Get Enemy (video promo)February 6th, 2014

Be my witness. . .
Instagram: DE9TheLoveBeast
Facebook: facebook/iamDE9
Twitter: @DE9iam
Youtube: youtube.com/DE9tv
Management: info@darkhood.com

Dowty Ebi since 2004February 20th, 2014

dowty ebi and Dark hood since 2004-www-DARKHOOD-com

Some days ago, Dowty Ebi shared some photos on his facebook, These photos were to remember the public that Dark Hood has been doing “promo” since 2004, and this year will make it a decade share music with you.

Dowty Ebi might be the first  Continue reading

Ayman Nayanesh challenges the bestFebruary 23rd, 2014

nayanesh, currito, ibrahima, maximo, la loba, www_DARKHOOD_com

After knocking out the current Spanish K1 CEK 72,5 Kg champion Borja Pacheco, our champion Ayman Nayanesh had Continue reading

Ayman Nayanesh new T-shirtFebruary 23rd, 2014

Ayman Nayanesh new T-shirt by Dark Hood

Info: nayanesh@hotmail.com

shooting: Wudang, El corto (DarkHoodFilms.com)February 23rd, 2014

Dark Hood films finalized the shooting of  ”Wudang”. A short film of marcial arts directed by coordinated by Miguel Juzgado and Co directed, filmed by EBI, with a special starring by a spanish famous actor Alex Navarro (Aguila Roja) and Continue reading

Rich Boys Money, new t-shirtsFebruary 23rd, 2014

New Rich Boys Money t-shirt, by Dark hood

Dark Hood Familia, Graffiti in BurgosFebruary 23rd, 2014

Graffiti in honor of Dark Hood Familia, in the city of Burgos, by Alvaro Oravla.
thank you!!!

Rest in peace: Paco de LuciaFebruary 26th, 2014

Rest in peace: Paco de Lucia

1947 – 2014

Dark Hood recomendsFebruary 28th, 2014

Dark Hood Emporio *recomends*
brasília jiu jitsu!!!

Nayanesh vs Casado K1 HMF (Dark Hood Management)March 9th, 2014

Dark Hood Management presents the promotional video of the fight that will be facing: Ayman Nayanesh VS Roberto Casado for the title of HMF (Lions 2).

School of martial art and Chinese culture (live stream)March 9th, 2014

Dark Hood Emporio recommends:

Tomorrow you can know a lil bit more about Wushu, a Chinese martial art un arte…

From 11 am till 1 pm by Shifu Miguel Juzgado.


……… ………


Mc Elgin – Amor de Padres (vidoe promo)March 9th, 2014

Dark Hood Management presents: Mc Elgin -- Amor de Padres (vidoe promo)

Bob construcciones & reformas generalesMarch 16th, 2014

Dark Hood Emporio recommends:

Dowty Ebi by Miguel JuzgadoMarch 18th, 2014

One of spanish best photographer Miguel Juzgado, contacted our Boss Dowty Ebi for a sesion with him, and here are some photos from the sesion.


Nenes champion of HMF Europa K.O!March 18th, 2014


Our athlete Nayanesh Ayman “Nenes” offers another K.O! and he is now the champion of the Continue reading

Juanjo Estrella – Wudang (Short film)April 10th, 2014

Dark Hood Films presents:
Juanjo Estrella -- Wudang (Short film)

Directed by Miguel Juzgado
Co-directed by EBI
Filmed and Edited by EBI
Dark Hood Music & Films 2014

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