Dark Hood Films: Maiky Moiche – Jericho (official videclip)May 17th, 2015

Dark Hood Films presents:

Maiky Moiche – Jericho (official videclip)

Camera, Directed, Edited & Colour Correction:
Dark Hood Films 2015

EBI imagine: Cuadro JimmyMay 7th, 2015

Photo & Retouch: EBI
Manufactured by: A.D.F
Dark Hood Design 2015

Marlene Diva @ FestikPeke !May 3rd, 2015

Dark Hood Management

Rich Boys Money ft. Fede Calde – Club (video)April 25th, 2015

Dark Hood Films presents:

Rich Boys Money ft. Fede Calde – Club (videoclip Oficial)

Camera, Directed, Edited & Colour Correction by:
Dark Hood Films 2015

Promotion: Video clip Low cost !April 15th, 2015

Just like every year… and you was waitting for it!!!

#LowCost Video Clip:
· 4 hours of shooting
· Directed by EBI
· Edited by Iñaki
· Colour Correction by EBI
· Get your clip in 3 days
· See examplos at darkhoodfilms.com LOWCOST section
· Valid until 15 of May 2015
· More info: darkhoodfilms@gmail.com or 672 557 350

Love & Faith
Dark Hood (since 2004)


Marlene Diva in Frozen (Disney)April 25th, 2014


Our artist Marlene Diva, participated on the creation of the spanish version of “Frozen, the last film from Disney.

She interpreted various characters in the movie, using various ranges of her voice.

Checkout the video.

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EBI Imagine: no fish leftNovember 12th, 2014

Photo: EBI
Retouching: EBI
Design: EBI
Dark Hood Design 2014

checkout the making off

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EBI ImagineJanuary 27th, 2015


Dark Hood Films 2014
by: EBI

Dark Hood Inc. since 2004 (Resume and Relics)February 12th, 2015

“We are stipulating that more than 60 million people has contemplated something done by Dark Hood (videos, events, Designs, Music…)”

We are just 9 months away from our eleventh anniversary, so its better we stop we celebrating our 10th #DarkHood10Anniversary, so we can recover and get ready for number 11!!! :)

A decade is a lot of years, but doing what you like makes it look like 10 days.

During these ten days (10 years): we made it to the American billboard list with Dowty Ebi’s first album “Bad Times”, we published one of the most loudest hit on the Spanish music scene “Nadie” by our artist Marlene Diva, artist that we have witness her growth from be a member of the group Continue reading

Awsome! Marlene Diva freestyling with Andrea LazaroFebruary 11th, 2015

Dark Hood Films @ CAN 2015 Malabo (Rich Boys Money)February 11th, 2015

Dark Hood was present at the CAN 2015 (Africa Cup of Nations) during every half time the video clip “We have gone away” by Rich Boys Money, directed by EBI was aired to thousands of people.

Maiky Moiche – Jericho (video promo)March 21st, 2015

S O O N!!!

Maiky Moiche – Jericho (video promo)
CAM / Dir / Edit: EBI
Dark Hood Films 2015

Jay Santos – Caliente [30 Millions views] #DarkHoodFilmsMarch 25th, 2015

Already 30 Millions views on Youtube #Greatness !
Jay Santos – Caliente
by: EBI
Dark Hood Films

Making Of

Dark Hood Management: M-Zeta interviewed at Radio Corazon TropicalMay 17th, 2015

M-Zeta interviewed at Radio Corazon Tropical

Dark Hood Management: Teaser from M-Zeta’s new albumMay 17th, 2015

M-Zeta: Teaser and images from the estudio where we are creating my new album. Dark Hood Emporio and Dowty Ebi are responsable for it to sound like this.

Luna of Dark Hood Models with Jose Mota on TVE (video)April 14th, 2015

Luna de Dark Hood Models con Jose Mota en TVE (video)_www-DARKHOOD-com

Our Model Luna of Dark Hood Models, participated in Jose Mota’s programme on Spanish National Continue reading

Ebi: Congrat! Champ Invictus X2April 14th, 2015

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