1001 Risas by Iñaki (very soon)October 25th, 2014



Happy birthday Dark Hood ! ! !October 1st, 2014

Dark Hood is oficially 10 years, since the birth of the Record Label Dark Hood Inc 1-Oct-2004, and later the opening of Dark Hood Emporio (E-studio, Films, Models . . .) 1-Oct-2009.

Thanks! #DarkHood4Life


Barcelona !September 30th, 2014


From a great city like Madrid (from Madrid to heaven),
We can’t stop admiring the special beauty of Barcelona.

vídeo by Robert Whitworth

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Marlene Diva in Frozen (Disney)April 25th, 2014


Our artist Marlene Diva, participated on the creation of the spanish version of “Frozen, the last film from Disney.

She interpreted various characters in the movie, using various ranges of her voice.

Checkout the video.

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Jay Santos – Caliente [videoclip] 22 millons?June 15th, 2014


Though we can’t certify that the video clip “Caliente” of Jay santos is EBI’s most viewed creation, knowing that its almost impossible to count the audience that has viewed any short film, series, films intro or video clips directed by Ebi, that has been broadcasted on the TV o Theatres, but we surely know that “Caliente” is almost counting on Continue reading

Dark Hood Promooo!June 15th, 2014


More Banners!

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DarkHoodiansJuly 23rd, 2014


We have experienced lot of story of love from our Darkhoodians to us, and one of them happened few days when Diana and her waited at the front of Dark Hood E-studio for more than 10 hours, mean while the whole Dark hood team was at another location Continue reading

Abraham Mateo + Marlene Diva [Gospel Factory]July 27th, 2014

Our artist Marlene Diva is one of the chosen voices by Abraham Mateo, Jacobo Calderon and Sony Music to complete the Spanish pop star, Abraham Mateo upcoming album.


Rafael & Dominik Starmach (Adidas Models) Dark Hood FamiliaOctober 5th, 2014

Rafael & Dominik Starmach (Adidas Models) Dark Hood Familia_www-DARKHOOD-com

After participating as extras on Dark Hood Familia “Enterrandolo” video clip, Ebi advised the twin brothers, Rafael and Dominik Starmach to subscribe themselves  Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dowty EbiSeptember 19th, 2014

fiessstaaa! ‪#‎Boss‬ Dowty Ebi
happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr. Dowty, happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday Nenes!!!September 13th, 2014

Happy birthday Nenes_26_www-darkhood-com

On the past 12th of September was our athelete Nayanesh birthday, and his cake was made by Continue reading

Nayanesh vs IbrahimaSeptember 13th, 2014

Our athlete Nayanesh “Nenes” Ayman will be defending his title HMF Europe versus Ibrahima Njie on the 18th of October, in Alcala de Henares, Spain.

just do it Nenes!!!

DARKHOOD THE PET (grown)September 7th, 2014

last year we received a photo all the way from Marbella (south of Spain), a fan of Dark Hood named his dog DarkHood in Our honor. Now some weeks ago we got another photo from Jose, and we couldn’t believe how big is Darkhooooood.

first photos of Darkhood [HERE]


Marlene Diva at Chapineria, 2nd Kizomba FestivalSeptember 1st, 2014

Marlene Diva will be performing on the 2nd Kizomba’s Festival
at Chapineria, Spain.