Dark Hood 12th Anniversary

A day like today (1 Sep) in the year 2004, Dark Hood came to light, in that room located at a 5th floor in calle San Luis, Alcorcon – Madrid.

The view of the window of that room was the backstreet of calle San Luis, which was always dark at n¡ght.  This occurrence was placed in words on a track where Dowty Ebi was featured:

You can’t conquer the soul of he that lives in a “Dark Hood”.


Since then, as good music lovers, we have put in hard work in creating and putting on free download  #GoodMusic, with an innovating formula  of including every need of an artist in one building. And most of all, with a very visual way of promoting each occurrence at Dark Hood. With this, we have inspired and changed the way of doing promo!!! worldwide.

Thanks for accompany us during these 12 years.


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