Afrobeats Barcelona Festival

Dark Hood Africa and Barnadise presents:

Afrobeats lands in Barcelona for the first time in a festival format, bringing the culture and the rhythm of Fela Kuti’s “Afrobeat” with the electronic sounds of the new AfrobeatS generation and other beats of Africa.

Concerts +11 artists / bands, Face Painting, Braids, Dance workshops. . .

Promotional video:

19€ Advance tickets
Using the discount code: barnadise


Ogun Afrobeat (video) · DE9 (video) · Momi Maiga + Live band (video) · Denatora (video) · Makuriya (video) · Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (video) · Akay (video) · Marlene Diva ·afrobeats medley· (video) · Orquesta Africana de Barcelona (video) · Anthony Diaz (video) · Ana Untico (video)


Vanuza Casimiro (video)

Discount code: barnadise
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Info: ENG / ESP / FR / CAT

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