A13 Hood inc.

A13 [Hood inc.] was created by Darmo in the year 2013, the rapper himself said that the idea was from his admiration for Dark Hood inc (since 2004).

Darmo declared in that same interview, that he was a huge fan of Dowty Ebi and his philosophy, and that admiration leads him to launch his own record label “A13 Records” following the same method of promoting artist, so for him to be loyal to the origin of his inspiration Dark Hood inc. he decided to call his label A13 + Dark Hood inc. = A13 Hood Inc. And for the project, he had an economical sopport from Dark Hood and his friend Luis Fernandez also known as Perla… more info [HERE] and [HERE]

…he was even inspired by the logo, black bacground and white letters

Our of the sponsored artist “Swan Fyahbwoy” from his instagram @fyahbwoy

In 2014 Grimey Music was launched under the same philosophy of Dark hood Music and economical support from Dark Hood, and the most popular artist on A13 Hood inc. Ivan Nieto left his former record label to Grimey Music, saying the reason were lack of seriousness from A13 Hood inc… more info [HERE]

More info about Dark Hood inc (since 2004) [HERE]

Dark Hood inc. (since 2004)
Love & Faith…

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