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Dark Hood (sice 2004), You will be inspired.

Dark Hood Inc. / Dark Hood Music Worldwide Group [DHMWWG] is an indie Record Label, under the name of Dark Hood Emporio is one of the world’s fastest up growing urban entertainment companies, encompassing a broad range of businesses including music publishing, artists and Athletes management, recording facilities, advertising, promotions, distribution, modeling agency, graphic design, video clips shooting, radio program, record label and clothing line. With an employee base that is 10 strong, Mr. Ebi Abulimen is largely responsible for all these. In less than two years, the founder and CEO Ebi “Dowty” Abhulimen has worked hard for remarkable achievements.  With the first release of the company’s first artist Marlene Diva “Nadie” 2008 reaching the number 2 in the Spanish singles chart, followed by the band D union “D union vol.1” 2008 more than 10.000 downloads worldwide and Dowty Ebi “Bad Times” reaching the BILLBOARD chart 200.

We are pioneers of Auto-Promo in Spain, making all the Spanish Urban scene believe and follow our promo philosophy, putting more effort on the image side of an Artist (Photos, Designs, Video clips…) and inspiring the indie artist to auto-promo their selves thru social network, while motivating the indie Racord Labels to organize small festivals with their own artists.

“Even Dark Hood’s logo was a premonition, the panoramic era was a future back then”


Ebi saw the need as an artist of combining all the necessary process of an artist in one company and in one building; making the creative process more easy, from taking and retouching official photographs, designing the artist’s web site; recording, mixing and mastering the artists single or album, designing the CD’s cover, physical production and distribution of the CD’s, promotion and management of the album; coordinate, direct, realize and edit the artist video clip, promotion of the clip thru music television channels. Being under the same company and building makes it more easy, quicker and less cost for the Artist. Mr. Ebi classified Dark Hood as a Multi-media company, at that moment there was no any other company clasified as a multi-media company, but at the moment just only in Spain you can find more than 15 multi-media company inspired on Dark Hood’s philosophy.

Visit Dark Hood Management (since 2004), click [HERE]

“Before Jay Z’s Roc Nation, there was Dark Hood Management”
Music & Sport


The flagship company of DHMWWG is Dark Hood inc, which was formed in 2004 with the signing of the group 2onAll, later expanded to signing of Marlene Diva, D union and the C.E.O, founder, artist, Dowty EBI who had an ear for recognizing great talent and developing big hits resulted in the fledging imprint’s big break with the making of Marlene Diva’s EP “Nadie” reaching the number 2 in the Spanish singles chart and later on hitting the BILLBOARD CHART 200 with his own album “Bad Times”… [HERE]

Checkout our releases: [HERE]
Checkout the artists promoted by Dark Hood: [HERE]

Dark Hood Mangement: Marlene Diva (voices) in Frozen (Disney) Spanish Version

On the visuals side of Dark Hood (Dark Hood films) our Director Ebi Abhulimen, was nominated to film festival of Malaga (Spain), Czech republic, Chicago (USA) and the film festival of Montreal (Canada) as part of the creative team of the film titled “Brutal Box” in his case for directing the film’s intro:

Ebi has directed more than 150 music clips with more than 110 milion views on youtube, He has co-produced 3 Tv series, co-directed 4 short films and 2 films.

Including the 2013 Spanish summer hit “Caliente” by Jay Santos (Filmed, Directed $ Edited By EBI)

Showcase of our vídeos [HERE] or visit www.darkhoodfilms.com for more info.

Dark Hood was present at the CAN 2015 (Africa Cup of Nations) during every half time the video clip “We have gone away” by Rich Boys Money, directed by EBI was aired to thousands of people.

Dark Hood Center/Studios/ Offices was opened on the 1st of November 2009 in Alcorcon, Madrid (SPAIN) and on the 16/August/2010 (9 months later) Dark Hood opens its first franchise in the south of Madrid, Fuenlabrada (SAPIN) followed by Dark Hood Vallecas the second franchise of Dark Hood opened in the year 2012 in Vallecas (Madrid).

Discriminating no musical genres in Dark hood music, we are good music lovers, recognized by good music lovers.

DARK HOOD we just simply inspire your mood.

Complete dossier of Dark hood:


Dark Hood Emporio reaches all the branches of the multimedia industry, offering a sort of services and departments from Dark Hood Management, Dark Hood Design (design of web pages, myspace, design and copies of CD´s, books, clothing…, etc.), Dark Hood inc (label), Dark Hood Beatz, Dark Hood Models, Dark Hood Radio, Dark Hood Clothing, Dark Hood Clubbin, Dark Hood Urban Party, Dark Hood Serie Online 1 / Serie online 2, to Dark Hood E-Studio, a photo studio, with a department for recording, mixing, mastering and creating sound effects, and a department for visuales (films, videoclips…) Dark Hood Films, all these department makes D ark Hood Emporio a complete center.

Checkout our list of services [HERE]

more info about Dark Hood E-studio [HERE]
Dark Hood Center [HERE]
Showcase of Design & Photos [HERE]

The department of Dark Hood Films is in charge of production, realizing and post-production of video clips, Shot Films, TV Spot & Advertisement, Films and TV Series. This department has realized more than 150 video clips, co-produced 3 TV series, 4 Short Films and 2 Films, with different topics, budgets and resources, including the designing of sound effects and soundtracks like we did for the film “Brutal Box” thru the department of Dark Hood Beatz. All these departments work as a team to complete the professional and personal desire of the client.

+ more info about Dark Hood Films [HERE] + more info about Darrk Hood Beatz [HERE]

Dark Hood Models was created due to the need of female and male models presence on video clips and films. This department is directed by the model Esther Honey, we manage the carrier of our models, creating their professional photo book with our Photographers and placing our models in different projects, such as Video clips, Films or fashion events. All these makes Dark Hood Models one of the best Models Agency in Madrid.

+ more info and books of our models [HERE]

Every Thursday night we share our passion with those who are good music lovers, a place where you can meet our artists, models and the Dark Hood team, a place where we share magic moments and listening to great music @ Dark Hood Clubbin, in café Albaraca, A lcorcón. Friday’s night we co-direct a session @ Sala Chata, Madrid with the company Kiara.

+ more info about Dark Hood Clubbin [HERE]

Dark Hood Urban Party festival: Is an annual festival, where we expose our artists sharing stage with some other major national and international musicians, a festival that more than 9.000 attendees have enjoyed. Dark Hood Urban festival is sponsored by Ron Brugal.

+ more info about Dark Hood Urban Party Festival [HERE]

Every Sunday Evolution Fm transmits Dark Hood Radio, a 2 hours program full of hits and interviews of some great national and international artists.

+ more info of Dark Hood Radio [HERE]

Dark Hood Magazine y Dark Hood TV / OnlineSerie 1 / OnlineSerie 2 are some other branches of Dark Hood Emporio.

more information @: www.darkhood.com


1. Convenant with the Universaty of Rey Juan Carlos and Alcorcon city towns hall.

Dark Hood Films signed an agreement with the university of Rey Juan Carlos on the 2/3/2012, where the university of Madrid recognizes the importance of our director Ebi Abhulimen to the Madrid community, by improving the quality of the city’s audiovisual aspect. Ebi Abhulimen, shares a 2 hours weekly speech to the third grade student of audiovisual at  The university of Rey Juan Carlos.

Ebi Abhulimen, gives 8 hours weekly classes of editing and post-production @ Alcorcón’s Town Hall.

2. Nominated to the film festivals of Málaga, Spain, Chicago, USA and Montreal, Canada. Ebi Abhulimen, directed the intro of the film Brutal Box, with great critics from the films critics, due to that he was nominee as part of the creative team of the film. Ebi was in charge of creating the soundtrack of the film too. His candidate was presented to the film festival of los Goyas 2012, Spanish major film festival.

Dark Hood Tv Series [Serie 1] [Serie 2].

Dark Hood Films is at the moment realizing and producing 2 series with similar characteristics like any other Tv series: “Carchichauto” and “Terapia“, both series has received an offer from Telecinco (Spanish most popular television) to be transmitted on their channel and web site, these series were transmitted thru Madrid Sur. Both counts with wel l recognized actors and actresses such as: Darío Frías, Erika Sanz, Dafne Fernández, Aitor Legardon…



4. Dark Hood Video clips. Dark Hood Films has realized more than 150 video clips in just only 4 years of life. We realized and produced clips for international well recognized artists like: Dowty Ebi, Alex Ayora (AA Henchman) winner of Ballantines contest by Carlos Jean and Jay Santos author of “Noche de estrellas” with more than 10 million views on youtube, and many other artists with different genre. Ebi is one of the most valued directors in Spain and in the music international industry and film industry.


5. Dark Hood Films (Ebi) creative director of Tres Aguas Shopping Mall Madrid. Dark Hood Films team leaded by the director Ebi, worked during 2 years as the creative director of the Shopping Mall Tres Aguas in the city of Alcorcón, Madrid. During those years Mr. Ebi offered the Shopping Mall with activities and multimedia products, that made the shopping experience for the clients more interesting.

Radio promo by Ebi (Dark Hood Emporio) for Tres Aguas 1

The multimedia products was including 3d Animation on big screens, a special TV program for the shopping mall, activities for children, like dancing contest and creating promotional advert for the Shopping Mall for TV and Radio.

Radio promo by Ebi (Dark Hood Emporio) for Tres Aguas 2

6. Special clientel of Dark Hood Films:

Dark Hood Management / Models “Anjara” Cibeles Madrid fashion week

·  Vinaros town hall (covarage of Carnaval 2011)

·  Alcorcón’s town hall (clases of editing and post-production)

·  University of Rey Juan Carlos (Partnership)

·  Sony / BMG (Visuals)

·  Magazine Hip Hop Nation (promotion)

·  Bank Santander (Comic animation)

·  Evolution FM (Dark Hood Radio)

·  Shopping Mall Tres Aguas (Creative Director and promotional adviser)

·  Telecinco (Series on internet and TV)

·  Ron Negrita (Creating advert for a new brand and soundtrack)

·  Warner Music (Writters of story board of Celtas Cortos videoclip)

·  Gospel Factory (Management)

·  Brugal (Sponsors of Dark Hood Urban Festival)

·  EMI (Directing video clips for thier artist)

·  BBC Radio (covarage of seminary meeting at Madrid 2011)

·  The Voice TV programme (Covarage of castings)

·  Brutal Box the film (Directing y realizing the intro and soundtrack)

· Blanco y Negro

· Doble Music

6. We have worked or collaborated, with or for (directly or indirectly) with companies, athletes, actors… from countries like China and Nigeria:

it will be impossible to recompile everybody we have worked with, but this list is very close to perfection 😉

· First line: Associations / Companies / Brands / Establishments and various

· Second line: Actors / Actress / Models

· Third line: Artists / Athletes


Asoc. Española de Lucha Contra el Fuego / Asoc. de Sanitarios de Bomberos de España / Ayuntamiento de Chapineria / Asoc. Precious Women of Faith / Asoc. Anar Jimenez / Aventura Fiesta / Asoc. Miss Bisila / Asoc. La Face / AZ Estudios / Ac126Studios / Anjara / Ayutamiento de Alcorcon / Aerodance / Ayuntamiento de Vinaros / Albaraca Cafe / 40 TV / 40 Latino / Angola’s Embassy / Avenir Nepad / Asoc. Alba / AK Bar / Asociacion Española Qigong Deportivo / Art Projects


Ainhoa Pareja (Gran Hermano) / Álex Muñoz (‘Carchichauto’) / Aitor Legardon / Angel Caravaca / Adrian Lastra / Alvaro Colom / Aldana Gonzalez / Ate / Alyssa Sparks / Aida Wellgaye / Aris Dark / Angelica Duque / Ana-Maria Lazar / Anastasia Kozak / Anastasia Meduedyeva / Afrika / Anastasia Mayo / Alex Navarro / Ayax Pradas Soriano


Ag Da MoonWalker / 50Adil / Alain Perdomo / Alroig / African China / Avatar / Afura / Avaritia Music / Alonso Prods / Abel The Kid / Abram / AA Henchman / Alex Ayora / Alejandro Amenabar / Agorazein / Angelica Leyva / A Doble Kalle / Asueke King / Abraham Mateo / Anthony Killer


Banco Santader / Brutal Box / Ben TV / Broken Music / BBC Radio / BarBarrio / Beauty and Smart / Benedetta / Bronco Estilo / Bourbon cafe / Bash / Bob Construcciones / Big Boss


Baby Reed / Beatriz Ayuso (‘Desaparecida‘) / Bianca Kemeri / Basalic Jonut


Big Money Family / Brainiac Beatz / Baghira / Bab / Berrebe / Black Bee / Ben Decca / Baby Boy / Barron UND / Black




Cuatro / Centro Comercial Tres Aguas / Clarkson Cars / Cibeles Fashion Week / Chesterfield / CG Projects / Carchichauto.com / Concierto solidario tsunami (Alcorcon) / Cortorredor / Candino / Calypso Watches / Chill Beach / Condonia SL


Celine Tyll (‘El Bloke. Coslada cero’) / Celia Beltre / Cristina / Chocolate Girly


Colh / Cookin’ Soul / Cyborg / Claudia Gonzalez / Cartel Hispano / Costa / Cruz / Costello / Carleone Gomez / Compay 23 / Castro Rey / Cherie Vegas / Chakal Click / Caramelo


Disney / Despedida Original / Diventa Music / DD Lab / Digital Diamond Lab / Dime Films / Dinasty / Dark Hood Inc. / Discoteca Kiara / Deep Management / Disco Klause / Disco Anubis / Disco Kache / Disco Kimbara / Disco REMIX / Durex


Dafne Fernández (‘Tierra de lobos‘) / Darío Frias (‘Mis adorables vecinos‘) / Daniel Jumilla / Dosel / Dulce Belloso / Daniel Huarte


Dj Vlad / Dj Rob e Rob / Dj Danyt / Don Flow / Dani Ro / Darkas / D union / Dj Cena / Danielson / Dj Reda / Dj Kromik / Dj Joaking / Dj Saot ST / Darkas / Dark Hood Familia / Dowty Ebi / D union / David NG / Dj Gahadaffi Rock / Dosel / Diff Days / Dj Spicher / Dj Jooz / Dj Gaston / Dj Xelu / Danny Business / Dakaneh / Duddi Wallace / Dano / Dj Zidane / Dj Sam de Paris / Dj Pat de Madrid / Dan Music / Dinero / Dr. Che / Dace86 / Dosdedos / Drakun / Drulas / Daviz Logic / Dj Nuno / D&DD


Euro Basket 2007 / Elite Records / Eko Tv Show / Evolution FM / Entradas.com / 4º Elemento / Egiptian Embassy / Angola’s Embassy / Escuela de artes marciales y cultura china / El Super de las Camisetas


Ebi Abhulimen / Eliya Shenhav / Erika Sanz (‘Águila Roja‘) / Esther Honey / Ezequiel Borrego Toledano


Eedris Abdulkareem / El Prieto  Yeri / Erick Player / El Langui / Elio Toffana / El Pecador / Elgin / El Garrote / Emilio War / Eone / Estilo Mestizo


Frozen / Focus Media / Festival Dance Factory / Fuencarral 43 / Fnac / Film factory / Fiesta School fm / Fiesta zumzue / Fiesta Alava / Festina


Flor / Fco. Javier Sanchez Muratell


Fichastar / Flame / Fotografia de alta calidad / Falcon / Flow Man / Fede / Fally Ipupa / Family Love / 5Fingers / Faster / Fonfi / Dasomega / Fon / Fone / Fridau City / Fonti (Gabriel Fonti)


G.H.M / Gs Prod.


Gia / Gissele Serano


G5 / Gordo Master / G. Babe / Gaston Tattoo / Gran Raw / Gran Oskra / Granada Doaba / Gramatik / Ghost Man / Gospel Factory / Gp Boys / 96 Grados / Gabs / Geggy / Gorion Mafia / Gutier Hardcore


Hip Flow / Hotel Ritz 5 Stars/ Hip Hop Nation / HOTEL PARADOR 5 Stars / Hard rock cafe / HMF


Hugo Art


Hermanos de Hierro / Hugo Molina / Hijo Prodigo / Hot Ultimo / Hugo Cos / Hermanos de Hierro / Haichas Family / Hijos De La Propmesa / Hispano West / Hustlers Voize / Ice Man / I.K



ilegal Business Producciones


Ismael Fritschi (‘La isla de los nominados‘) / Isabel Pintor (‘Mi gemela es hija única‘)


iam (Soul Mafia) / ID / Irie Queen


Joy eslava / JinXiang / Jaguar / Jungle Sesions


Jenny Houdelet / Javier Ríos (‘El internado‘) / Juan Torralba / Jesus Oyana / Jess Garcia Alonso / Juan Carlos / Juanjo Estrella / Jesus Garcia / Jacobo Calderon / Jessica Rojas Cifuentes


Jay Santos / Jose Rivera / J. Alex / Jean Honeymoon / Javier Martin / J Hood / Jay Smove / Jay E / Juanito / Joyce / JML / Javato / Jay Travis / Julio Iglesias Jr / J Alex / Jeris B / Jay Naize / John Nazan / Jota Mayuscula / Javier el Super Talento / Jogro / Joseph / Junior / Julius / Juan Santos Trinidad / J-Eve


K-Dove / Kiarra / Katios Discothecque / Kiss TV / Keep / Kapital / Kool Hammer


Karmona / Keli / Kemera


Kayem / Kraze / Killer B / Kariz 85 / Kentz / Kose / Killan Martin / 2 Kalibres / Kra Martinez / Karim Kirt / Kevoo / Krespo



La Nuit en Blanc / La Face Magazine / La Cacerola / Lokua Club / La sal / Lotus / Lotus Style / Lotus silver / La dama de shangai / Laplica


Leire Lopez / Layla Gonzalez Baidi / Laura / Luna / Luisa Fernanda Monsalve / Labixa / Larisa Chumakova / Luis Fernandez de Eribe


Lex Luthorz / Liuko / Lion Sitte / LA-X / LDP / Loo grant / Lobo Kamikaze / Los bestiales / Lil J / Louna Thais / La Hermandad / Lanuit / Lady Yaco / La Tremen / Lady Ponce / Laura Malo / Lalo Huelva / Lastin Joy


Metodo de Osmin / Monkey Business / M80 / MRK / Mic 2k / Morante / MTV Spain / 100 montaditos / Mandilas Records


Miriam Benoit (‘Maitena: Estados alterados) / Marta Flich (‘Impares‘) / Mario de la Rosa (‘Águila Roja’) / Mariam Hernandez / Maria Benedi / Monica Vicente / Mara / Milky / Martin Omar Gonzalez / Madamenass / Miguel Juzgado / Maria Gallardo


Mailer / Malputo Dest / Miryam A k T P / Maik / Magic Beats / Main Flow / Manfesto / Mc Elgin / Malaki Elkaim / Markus Slaves / M.C.M / MRK / Marlene Diva / M-Zeta / Meswy / Manny Garcia / Makabro / Mexican aka Nawall / Martin Pecheur / Mucho Muchacho / Mini el Menor / Martin / Maxi / Mc Dani & Shady / Mike Negro / Miki Bad Boy / MJ / Morris / Maiky Moiche


Nigerian Embassy Spain / Na Boka Noti / Naija EU DJs / Natural Life


Nacho López (‘Amar en tiempos revueltos‘) / Noemy / Navirda / Noelia Tiara


Nate Pro / Nazan / Notorious Marshal / Nenes / Nafamacho / Nayanesh Parikh / Nasta / New breed / Nitrogeno Liquido / Noda


Orange Cafe / OMA (Official Mixtapes Award)


Oscar Rojo / Ooliyah / Osmin Hernandez


Olivier “The Spoilt Kid” / One-L / Oro Blanco / Odia y Sonrie / Opera Perfecta / Oshen / Osner First Class


Patonig / Pata Palo / Pub diodon / Pub raices / Paraiso latino / Pub Albaraca / Pub Campus / Palacio gaviria / Pacha / Parque Corredor


Pepe Herrero (Gran Hermano) / Pablo Penedo / Patricia  Ramirez / Paloma Galan Fernandez


Prince Osito / Patty Theone / Parisell / Proximo / Porta / Phlapo / Psycho Pro / Primer Dan / Patxy / Pascal Pierre / Pablo K / Poeta de Diamantes / Preset


Ron Negrita / Ron Brugal / Red de Centros Educación Ambiental (El Águila) / Radio School fm / Ricon Latino / Rent Bull


Rafael Rojas-Diez / Rebeca Moreno (‘El comisario‘) / Roser Pujol / Rebecca / Rosy


Rich Boys Money / RV / R. Sosa / Royal Life / Red Supa / R.M.B / Real Music Boyz / Rich Boys money / Rich Girls Money / Robert Ramirez / 2rron / Romo / Ranaman / Rakun / Rayn / Reke



Sharaton Restaurant / Salones Copacabana / Sala Caracol / Sala Presidente / Sala la Siesta / Sala Sweet / Smilodons Alcorcon / Skarlett / Sol Musica / Sala chesterfield / Sur music / Sala New / Sala wind / Serrano 41 / Sony Music


Sergio Villoldo / Sara Gómez (‘Tierra de lobos’) / Slenka / Sara Parra / Susana Martinez /Serban Alexandru Maurici / Santos Pianist


Sandy Meinhardt / Sly-P / Squad Perfecta / Samuel Brown / Santiago Sedano / Star Chill / Smack Town / Soul Mafia / Suzka Violinist / Scar da General / Sandra Sanchez / Slim Boy / Sucias Ratas / Spice vision / Status Hits / Sacul / Spanish Fly / Sangre Urbana / Sangre Urbana / Saint / Seoy / Sergio y Ernesto / Sergio Cesar / Shady Brown / Shanty / Shito / Siglo XXI / Sonicos / Success / Sly B


TheMedizine.com / Telecinco / Terapia La Serie / Tommix / Telemadrid / The light disco / Teatro Municipal Alcorcon / Time Road / The Jungle


Toto Gercia / Trs / Tiff / Tracy Lopez / Trinity / Teresa Ndong / Tomas Manuel Paredes de Dios


Trial Beatz / Trigger on The Track / Tony Calamonte / TMD / The Spoilt kid / Tripple X  ony Karate / The Mistycal Chino


Urban CZ / Urban Flow



Union EuroLatina



Velvet Club / Victoria Towns Hall




Valentino / Vasco Singer / Verbal


Wahin Makinaciones / www. (La Pelicula) / Wundang Branch Spain


Xabi Murua (‘Los exitosos Pells‘),


William Versace / West Barna / Wasty Boy / Wolfrank Zannou



Xabi Murua (‘Los exitosos Pells‘)


Xcese / Xent



Yoha Galvez / Yolanda Avomo / Yasilis


Yey Wey / Yasin / Young Boss / Yislendy Perez / Yolanda Avomo


Zenith Magazine / Ziontifik


Zuleica Eliana (Dama de Madrid 2012)


Zesho / Zhello / Zakros / Zenit

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