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Dark Hood / Dark Hood Music WorldWide Group [DHMWWG] is a multimedia company founded in 2004, with presence in Europe, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and in Africa, Nigeria (Lagos). We cover a large range of departments in the entertainment field: Record Label, Management team for artists, actors and athletes, Publishing and Distribution of audio visual products, Filming company, Producer of video clips, films, short films, series and ads, Music Festival, Communication Agency, Music Production, Marketing, Community management, Photography, Graphic Design, Programmers of web sites and Apps, Modelling Agency, Radio Programme, Clothing Line, and Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Filming Studio.

For various years now, we have been helping European companies, trademarks and Artists to establish or launch their in Africa or vice versa. We maintain various covenant with different institutions in both continents, with a special mention of the ones with maintain with the Embassy of Nigeria in Madrid, and the University Rey Juan Carlos, both since the year 2012.

Presentation and Expansion of Arpa Medica

Dark Hood covenant with Nigeria’s Embassy (Madrid)

We have made more 220 video clips through our audio visual department, we have produced contents like short film, films and TV series, reaching more than 120 views.

We have won and have been nominated by film festivals such as: Malaga (Spain), Czech Republic, Chicago (USA) and Montreal (Canada). Our candidate was presented in los premios Goyas 2012, Spanish Film Award.

Dark Hood Fims .com

Brutal Box Trailer

Marlene Diva – Angola



D€9 – Barnadise, 3D lyric video

Dark Hood Films was present at the African Cup of Nation (Malabo, Equatorial Guinea)

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Our management, marketing and communication department, has worked with companies, institutions, trademarks, artist and public figures like: Coca cola, BBC, La Sexta, Vanity Fair, Telecinco, Shopping Mall Tres Aguas, Brugal, Ron Negrtia, Santander, Paris Hilton, Senator Anita Mbasogo Obiang, Ministress Guillermina Mekuy, Antonio Canales, Dr. Palomo, Arpa Medica, Foundation Dr. Palomo, Skarlett, Hotel Wellington, Cuatro, Eedris Abdulkareem, Patoraking, Dj Vlad, Vive Jordania . . .

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As creatives, we have been involved with the creative ideas behind a lot of  ad campaigns. Our most awarded campaign was “Pezqueñines No” created by our director Ebi Imagine for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment in the year 2012.


In the beginning of Dark Hood, we was dedicated exclusively to music… As a record label, since 2004 to 2018, we have published more than 87 Albums / Ep / Singles. One of our highest achievement was when Dowty Ebi’s album “Bad Times” made it to the American Billboard list 200 in the year 2009. Among our highlights as a record label and management company, is our participation in Marlene Diva’s career, from her beginnings since 2004, going along with her through her musical journey from her first ever recording  her participation in Disney’s movie titled Frozen in the year 2014.

Dowty Ebi – Bad Times, en la lista top 200 de Billboard:

Fragments of Marlene Diva in Frozen (Disney):


Dark Hood came to life due to the difficulties and the high cost it takes when working with different companies or professionals to get a proper release done. Ebi Imagine (founder) went through all these difficulties as an artist, and then he saw the need of grouping all the departments needed for the release of a Single, EP or Album in one company and in one building.

This philosophy / formula, eases the creation process of the artist, from the recording, mixing and mastering of a single, EP or album, shooting and retouching of photographs, design and programming of the artists web site, design of the CD cover,  manufacturing and distribution of the CD, production and promotion of video clips through musical channels, marketing, communication and management of the artist. All these turns into comfort, faster process and less cost for the artist.

Ademas. todo el proceso anterior, se culmina con la presentación en vivo del artista en Dark Hood Festival. Un festival patrocinado por Brugal donde se exponen todos los artistas y lanzamientos realizados durante el año en Dark Hood, junto a otros artistas indies o invitados de otros sellos discográficos.

Real Music Boyz in Dark Hood Festival

Marlene Diva ein Televisión Española 2

AA Henchman Lex in 40 principales

RMB in African Cup of Nations…

and in Cuatro TV news, “We have gone away” is been played during the beginning, half time and ending of each match during the African Cup Of Nations.

Tour Marlene Diva

AA Henchman Lex in TeleCinco

Nayanesh in Kunlun Fight China

Nayanesh Vs Buakaw

Ebi described Dark Hood as a multimedia company, and back then in 2004, there was no other reference worldwide of a multimedia company that functions from the perspective of an artist, while maintaining the firmness of a business and combining the determination of athletes.

In 2008 following the same philosophy of Dark Hood, Jay Z and Beyonce founded Roc Nation, a news that went viral worldwide.

Today, Dark Hood Films has more than 120 million views, through our social networks Dark Hood reaches more than a million people, and we receive more than 1500 daily visits to our web site.

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