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​Abram, 15 years in hip hop filled with many achievements in his artistic career. He jumped from the underground to the national scene after wining the prestigious contest “Proyecto Demo” in 2004. With the prize,  Abram created “Necrópolis”, a big boom in the underground circuit of demo and downloads on internet. Abram started winning the respect from the Hip Hop community, then later on came “Ataraxia” (year 2005), were the hit Amor Eterno featuring  Dlux was included with more than a million views on youtube. Abram was then signed to Egosum Records and they released an EP”Sangre de mi Sangre” (2007), an album that was well respected and took him to nacional tour. In 2008 Abram started touring with Nach in the “Suburbia Tour” of Nach. Abram relesed an Ep titled “Hablando Serio” (2009) a free downloaded EP. The critics was in favor this EP filled with reality, rawness, feelings and truth. In 2010 He released his first Lp “Intenso”, which made him part of Magna Records. Actually he his still touring with Nach presenting “Mejor que el Silencio” while He is recording his coming mixtape “Stay Strong” under Dark Hood Emporio.


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