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”’Dowty Ebi”’

Ebi Abhulimen, better known by his stage name Dowty Ebi, is a Spanish Nigerian artist, athlete, Actor, Model, Creative, director and producer who lives in Spain and who made it to the American charts (Billboard) with his first studio album, “Bad Times” 2008.

”’Early life and career beginnings”’

Ebi grew up with his grandma Benice at her village, from the age of three to the young age of six, when he was moved to a boarding school ”Bishop Benson Idahosa International School”

At the age of eight he moved to Spain due to his father´s job (import and export of leather shoes, with Bata franchise). Since then he made Alcorcon (Madrid) his residence, place where he is devoloping his artistic career.

Dowty Ebi was brought up in a Christian home, he was nick named “Dowty” by his mum due to his skeptical attitude “until proof is shown” like doubting Thomas in the Bible.

At the age of 15, He was already having problems with his Dad “so I got to hustle on my own” in which he was very proud of. Dowty embraced the struggle “there was no other way”. He played the roll of a father in the house since the age of 16 due to the separation of his parents, having under his care his Mother, a junior sister and a junior brother.

At that early age, Dowty had to face a dilemma in finding the right balance between music, soccer, school and making money for the caring of his family (Mother, Sister and Brother). All these responsibility leads Ebi to attend his night training sometimes with just only one daily meal.

Later on, due to his soccer skills displayed while playing for Atlectico de Madrid, he was signed professionally at the age of 17 by a German second division club (Fortuna Dusseldorf). Dowty Ebi was having a great progression as a professional soccer player, he was about to play for Nigeria’s under 18 soccer national team, but unfortunately, his professional soccer career was cut short due to his constant injuries. So he went back to school and at the same time managing his own business (cyber cafe in the south Madrid).

It was then he met an old friend (Juan Carlos from “Quid pro quo”) and that made Dowty took music as his priority. They formed a band called 2onALL which was expanded months later with a female voice: Marlene Diva. And the band was renamed 2onALL & Marlene Diva.

2onAll & Marlene Diva leaded by Dowty Ebi in 2004, was responsible for a lot of changes that took place on the Spanish urban scene. They made urban artistes cared more about there image, by using professional pictures and designs to promote their selves, something that was unusual in Spain, even in the myspace era. Just like the way they promoted the “auto promotion” of indie artists and bands, Dowty Ebi used to rent halls to promote his group’s live show without the help of a manger or a promoter, unusual in Spain.

”’Music Career”’

In 2005 Dowty released his first solo demo / mixtape “From Dust to Don” which was downloaded through myspace and some other sites, with more than 15,000 free downloads worldwide.

In 2006 Dowty released another demo / mixtape “From Zero to Hero” which was a big bang: more than 25,000 downloads through the internet and sold up to 6,000 copies on his concerts and show cases worldwide.

Dowty Ebi’s debut Studio album “Bad times” (the chronicles part 1) was released in April 2009, despite most of the songs on the Album were written in 2005, but due to Financial difficulties, the Album was Premiered Four Years later (2009) and Hits the Billboard chart 200 on the 12th of May 2009.

Selling 15.000 copies the first Week, placed the first single called “Bad times” at the Bilboard top 200 singles. This album was distributed by Diventa Music (Germany).

All these accomplishment introduced Dowty into the American market, made him met and worked with 50 cent’s and G unit’s Dj: Dj Rob e Rob, followed with his appearance on different interviews in the USA.


In the month of September of 2009, despite He has been used to street drama, Dowty Ebi had one of his most dramatic life experience, though he doesn’t want to make it public yet, due to his plans of producing a film about what happened that night, but we do know that he escaped from death and from a judge sentence.

All the law process distracted him artistically from music. But during that period he fulfilled one of his dream, and that was converting his record label Dark Hood inc., a record label he created in 2004 with his room as his office, to Dark Hood Emporio, a multimedia company with offices / studios that was curiously established years later on the same street, visible from Dowty’s former room, same street and hood that were the reasons of Dowty Ebi naming his record label  ”Dark Hood”.

”’Dark Hood Emporio”’

These Jay Z’s new rules, are Dowty Ebi’s old rules…

In 2009 he started his adventure as an entrepreneur in the music / audiovisuals industry by creating Dark Hood Emporio, a multimedia company pioneer worldwide, covering most branches of multimedia, from a record label “Dark Hood Inc” with first release dated in  2004, a department of Management, Designs… even a film deparment with its own filming studio, recording studio and a photograph studio in Alcorcón (Madrid).

From Dark Hood Emporio, branches like Dark hood design, Dark hood models, Dark hood films, Dark Hood management, Dark Hood radio, Dark Hood clothing, Dark Hood clubbin, were created to cover all the creative process needed by the artists of the record label, and all these services could still be offered to artists from other record labels, athletes and actors.

All these branches and departments are directed by Dowty Ebi, making him a Producer, Executive Producer, Creative Director, Executive Producer of online series, Creative, CEO, Founder, President, Designer, manager of a team of 10 employees and Coordinator of Dark Hood Emporio, a company based in Alcorcón (Madrid) Spain, That offers all kind of services related to Show Business From music recording (Dark Hood Music) design (Dark Hood Design), modeling (Dark Hood Models), video clips (Dark Hood Films) Dark hood radio, Dark hood Management, Dark hood clothing, Dark hood clubbin and Dark Hood Online Series.

One of Ebi’s great accomplishment as an entrepreneur, was him been signed on the 12th of April of 2011 as the creative Director of the Shopping Mall “3 Aguas” in Madrid, Spain.

”’Career as a creative / director”’

In Dark Hood inc. everything can be created. Dowty Ebi, has produced up to 43 Albums, 2 Online series, Directed more than 96 Video clips under dark Hood Films, among those we can find “Caliente” the Spanish summer hit of 2013, with more than 20 millions of views.

Jay Santos – Caliente [videoclip oficial]

As a director, Ebi has been nominated to film festivals of: Malaga, Czech republic, Chicago and Montreal as part of the creative team of a film titled “Brutal Box” , in his case for directing the film’s intro:

Dowty Ebi has Signed under Dark Hood Music up to 24 artist well recognized in the Spanish Music Industry, Artist like Marlene Diva, who made the official Spanish version of Alicia Key’s hit No One, in her case “Nadie” and member of Gospel Factory, also artist like Yey Wey, Louna Thais (Lorena Moreno), Real Music Boyz or even Dowty Ebi himself, just to mention a few. In the management department, Dark Hood Management has promoted under the directions of Dowty Ebi up to 50 artists and athletes.

Dowty Ebi is the Founder of Dark Hood Urban Party Festival, the Second most recognized Urban Annual Festival in Spain Sponsored by Brugal.

Dark Hood Urban Party is an anual music Festival created by Dowty Ebi in the year 2008, now on the fourth edition, Dowty Ebi signed a sponsorship deal will Ron Brugal. This edition was celebrated on the 11/06/2011 (a special date for Dowty) and promoted artists like: Gospel Factory, Mucho Muchacho, Triple XXX, Zenit, Xcese + (Kra Martinez, Duddi Wallace, Black Bee, Ivandra, Dakaneh), Abram, Costa + (GP BOYS), Primer Dan, Elio Toffana + Tony Karate + Dano, Real Music Boyz, Costello + Darkas (G Slam), Agorazein and Dj Ghadaffi Rock among others.

Dowty Ebi is still in charge of the direction of: Dark Hood Design, Dark Hood Models, Dark Hood Online Series and all the Branches of Dark Hood Emporio.

In 2010 Dowty Ebi released his secound studio Album, called “The Prodigal Son” featuring Nigeria’s platnum seller: Eedris Abdulkareem, and the popular House / Chill out singer Jean Honeymoon from Scotland.

The mentioned Album is the soundtrack of the international movie “Brutal Box” nominated for films festivals like “Malaga Film Festival” (Spain), Chicago (USA) and “Montreal Film Festival” (Canada). Also, Dowty Ebi was incharge of the production and direction of the intro of the international Film “Brutal Box” nominated for films festivals like “Malaga Film Festival” (Spain), Chicago (USA), Czech Republic and “Montreal Film Festival” (Canada).

Since 2008 Dowty has released: 2 Studio Albums ” Bad Times and The Prodigal Son” 3 EPs: “Toma 5″ with Dark Hood Familia, “Sweet & Animal” with Yey Wey and GHM+DE9 with Gangstas House Music. 1 Single: “Oh My Life”. 9 Mixtapes: D union Vol.1, Champion of Collabo 1 “international Barz”, Champion of Collabo 2 “a pico y pala”, My flow supremo hosted by Dj Rob e Rob, Dj Vlad & Dj Jooz, Champion of Collabo 3 “Fuck you, Pay me”, El Boss, Think Big & Die King, Naija Son and Champion of Collabo 4 “SHUTOFUKOYO”.

Dowty Ebi was the first artist resident in Spain to perform on the prestigious Bash Line Club. At that time Dowty was paid 1200€ for the showcase.

“On stage”

Dowty Ebi has been present on Stage doing live shows in countries like Spain, Taiwan, Morocco, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Angola, Egypt, Czech Republic, England, and as well being the special guest star on the Euro Basket 2007 in Madrid, Spain.

Dowty has also performed in Event and places like: Fnac (plaza norte la cúpula), Euro basket 2007, Pub diodon, Disco Klause, Pub raices, Bourbon cafe, Film factory, La sal, Fiesta School fm, Sala chesterfield, Paraiso latino, Egyptian Embassy (National Party), Angola’s Embassy (National Party), Avenir nepad (Women Day), Charity Concer for tsunami (Alcorcon), Sur music, Bash, Pub Albaraca, Pub Campus, Disco Anubis, The light disco, Ricon Latino, Disco Kache, Keep (Nigerians day), Disco Kimbara, Sala sweet, Sala new, Palacio gaviria (3 months), Sala wind (velvet), Lokua club, HOTEL PARADOR 5 estrellas, Asoc. Alba (theater of Alcorcon), Hard rock cafe, Disco REMIX, Fiesta zumzue, Fiesta Alava (vitoria pais vasco), AK Bar, Kapital, Joy eslava, Serrano 41, Pacha, Katios, Ben Tv Summer Party, La Face….

Dowty has worked with recognized producers like: Dj Abel The Kid, Cookin’ Soul, Nu Jerzey Devil (Blck WallStreet, The Game), Diventa Music, Brainiac Beats, Lex Luthorz…

Champion of Collabo!

Dowty is well known and recognised by underground and some main stream Artists in the music industry Worldwide, more than 50 artists has featured him on their tracks, vocally or as a song writter. Dowty Ebi is the “Champion of Collabo”. This has lead Artists from all kind of genre to seek for his collaboration or Featuring on their various projects, artists like: Dj Abel The Kid, Africa Lisanga (Angola), Abram (Spain) Smack Town (Australia), Loo Grant (France), Spice Vision (Nigeria), MarCusslaves (Spain), Joyce (Cape verde), Jay E (Equatorial Guinea), Jay Smoove (U.S.A), Costello (Spain), La tremen (Spain), Jay Naize(Nigeria), Dj Notorious Marshal (Nigeria), Status Hits (Brazil), Real Music Boyz (Spain), Manny Garcia (Spain), Ghost Man (San Martin), Yey Wey (Dominican Republic / Spain), Cartel Hispano (Chile/Mexico), Dj Reda (Morroco), Dj Spicher (Spain), Prince Osito (Nigeria) Avatar (U.S.A) Eedris Abdulkareem (Nigeria), DJ Rob E Rob (50cent & G unit USA), Afura (U.S.A), Dj Vlad (U.S.A), Jean Honeymoon (Scotland), J Hood (U.S.A), Soul mafia (U.S.A), Suzuka Violinista (Canada), Marlene diva (Spain / Angola)…. and many others from different genres and countries like: Nigeria, Japan, China, Hong Kong, U.S.A, England, Australia, Scotland, France, Germany, Angola, Puerto Rico, Ghana, México, Chile, New Zelanda, Holand, Taiwan, Serbia, Gabón, Togo, Zaire, Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Rusia, Norway, Morroco, Equatorial Guinea and Saint Maarten.

”’Model and Actor Career”’

As an actor and model, Dowty Ebi protagonized in 1998 a Pepsi advert “Generation Next”, he has also had special appearances on films like: Princesas and Brutal box, and on oline series like: Carchichauto, and on a Videoclip of Manu Chao titled: me llaman calle.

”’Sports Career”’

Ebi has dedicated all his life to sport, he has played for profesional soccer clubs, sure as Atlético de Madrid (under 18) were he was the top season goal scoarer twice and Fortuna Dusseldorf (second division).

In 2005 He also graduated as a Personal Trainer by Spanish National Gymnastic Federation.

In 2006 Ebi was proclaimed the Champion of Benidorm Amateur Boxing tournament.

Ebi is a Blue belt holder in Wushu Martial art

On the 5/4/2014: Ebi becomes Spanish national champion of Sanda, an olympic sport that mixes up Kick Boxing and Judo . . .

“On the 11/06/2011 came the change, and that change is my son Angelo”

On the 15th of August in the year 2013, Dowty Ebi anounced the changing of his artist name to DE9 aka The Love Beast. . . . . . . . .

Be my witness. . .
Instagram: DE9TheLoveBeast
Facebook: facebook/iamDE9
Twitter: @DE9iam


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