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D.H (Dark Hood) Management, is a professional team composed with strategists and creatives minds. We have more than 14 years of experience promoting artist of different genres in both continents (Africa and Europe), and for different public and targets, from a song to a full length album, a video clip, or any product through internet, magazines, radio, TV and other means . . .

We have worked with trademarks, artist and public figuers like: Coca cola, BBC, La Sexta, Vanity Fair, Telecinco, Centro comercial Tres Aguas, Brugal, Ron Negrtia, Santander, Paris Hilton, Senadora Anita Mbasogo Obiang, Ministra Guillermina Mekuy, Antonio Canales, Dr. Palomo, Arpa Medica, Fundación Dr. Palomo, Skarlett, Hotel Wellington, Cuatro, Eedris Abdulkareem, Patoraking, Dj Vlad, Vive Jordania . . .

Marlene Diva voices in Frozen (Disney) Spanish Version


Dowty Ebi on Billboard list & interview


Our director Ebi imagine has been the creative mind behind a lot a notorious ads and campaigns. One of his most awarded campaign was for this one he made for the “Pezqueñines No” for the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Enviroment in 2012.

He also directed the re-branding of Grupo Arpa Medica, leading the company to their expansion in Africa and South America.

Our director Ebi imagine also directed the Sckarlett Costura team through their change of image.

He was also the adviser of the designer Anjara, give her a more urban touch for her collection presented in Madrid Fashion Week.

Dark Hood team is part of the Nigeria’s Embassy in Spain communication department.

D.H (Dark Hood) Management understands the changes the musical industry has suffered, where record labels are no longer so relevant, or at least like before. We believe that offering an infrastructure to the artist that makes him or her an auto-editor, involving the artist in all the promotion, distribution y marketing process, in the best option at this moment.

With our experience in marketing and communication, we also cover other filds outside the music industry.

DE9 on Hip TV

Dr. Palomo in Premios La Razon

Marlene Diva with Gospel Factory on TVE

Guillermina Mekuy in Vanity Fair

Fundación Palomo & DEA Foundation endorses DE9

Love Me, trending !

Ijeoma, trending !

Water, trending !

Jay Santos – Caliente, +42 million views !

DE9 on Ben TV News

Alex Ayora con Carlos Jean Interpreting the official song of Ballantines in “el Hormiguero” of Atena 3 TV

Diff days – Terapia in los 40 principales, sol musica y mtv españa

DE9 on Silver bird

DE9: Barnadiseand Love Me top 5 on rhythm Fm

DE9 on Net TV

Alex Ayora (AA Henchman) – Negrita (Finalist of Sol Musica contest) Dark Hood Management

Real Music Boyz in Dark Hood Festival

DE9 live on stage (Dark Hood Festival)

Marlene Diva Tour

AA Henchman Lex in Sala Caracol (Dark Hood Festival)

Marlene Diva in Sala Caracol

Fally Pupa in Madrid (Dark Hood Event)

Angelica Leyvar in Sala Caracol (Dark Hood Festival)

DE9 live in Marbella

Marlene Diva tour 2008

Dowty tour 2007

Dowty Tour 2006

Since 2004 to 2018 we have promoted more than 100 artists, more than 60 albums, 9 musical festival and more than 15 events. Out of the music world we have promoted 2 online comedy series, 13 female models, 6 male models, 1 Ministress, 1 Doctor, 1 Clinic, 4 profesional boxers, a graffitti artist, 2 actors, a hair dressing saloon, 2 night clubs, 2 magazines, 2 Ron trade mark, 2 Movies, 1 Radio Station, and 3 Fashion Designers.

During 5 years, We managed and creatively directed the shopping mall Tres Aguas.

During those years we focused our effort on making a unique shopping experience for our clients, by organising special events for kids, family and prized contests for the general public. One of our most notorious event, was when we brought on the 4/5/2011 the official World Cup and Europe Cup to the shopping mall, an event we organized alongside Chevrolet.

Our marketing strategy included creating various and attractive visual animation on giant screens, produce visual adverts for the screens located inside the shopping mall. We also created activities such as dancing contest, comedy shows, talent contest and usual promotions like radio ads and billboards ads.

Radio Ad Shopping Mall Tres Aguas 1


Radio Ad Shopping Mall Tres Aguas 2


Week of fire awareness with firefighters

Launching of the new entrance to the shopping mall, and presentation of the first ever contest “Tu moda y Tu”

Some of our outstanding clients:

Dark Hood Management / Models “Anjara” Cibeles Madrid fashion week

Thru means like: events, radio, internet, magazines or using any other means not mentioned, we have promoted:

Fally Ipupa, Terapia la serie (comedia online), Dark Hood .inc, Dowty, Marlene Diva, Nafamacho, Diff Days, Meswy, Agorazein, Real Music Boyz, Abram, Cruz, Yey Wey, Carleone Gomez, Dj Spicher, Dj Jooz, Colh, Gospel factory, Alex Ayora (Ganador del concurso Carlos Jean), Ron Negrita, Ron Brugal, Louna Thais, Primer Dan, Costello, AA Henchman, El Prieto Yeri, 2rron, Madamenass, Union EuroLatina, Mario de la Rosa (Actor), Nayanesh Parikh “Nenes” (Boxeador/ Thai Fighter profesional ), David NG,  (comedia online), Skarlet (Marca de moda), Jeris B, Sucias Ratas, I.D, El Prieto Yeri, M-zeta, Patxy, Fede (Boxeador/ Thai Fighter profesional ), One-L, Dosel (Actor / Fundador de Barbarrio), Erick player, Psycho Pro, Sacul, Manny Garcia, Barbarrio, Ben Tv UK,, Fichastar, Flame, Dj Gaston, Family love, La Hermandad, Dj Xelu, Compay 23, Dj Ghadaffi Rock, John Nazan, Castro rey, 2 Kalibres, Danny Business, Don Flow, Albaraca cafe, Discoteca Kiara, K.dove (Peluqueria), Cartel Hispano, Makabro, Mexican aka Nawall, D unión, Kraze, Lanuit, Meswy, Jota Mayuscula, Dakaneh, West Barna, Los Bestiales, Yasin, Lady Yaco, La Tremen, Angelica Leyva, Mucho Muchacho, Tripple x,  Spanish Fly, Zenit, Xcese, Black Bee, Kra Martinez, Duddi Wallace, Costa, Gp Boys, Romo, Cherie Vegas, Elio Toffana, Dano, Tony Karate, Ziontifik, Darkas, Dark Hood Familia, Chakal Click, Ranaman, Kose, Sangre Urbana, Fuencaral 43 (Tienda de ropa), Benedetta (Discoteca), Urban Flow (Tienda de ropa),  Hip Hop Nation (Revista), Anjara (Marca de moda), Morante (Marca de moda), Lady Ponce, Dj Zidane, Ben Decca, Martin Pecheur, Dj Sam de Paris, Pascal Pierre, Dj Pat de Madrid, Patonig (Promotores), Laura Malo, Beauty & Smart (Revista), Brutal Box (Pelicula), www (Pelicula), Evolution FM . . .


Esther Honey, Afrika, Labixa, Luna, Rebecka, Kemera, Navirda, Flor, Milky, Mara, Laura, Anastasia Medvedyeva, Anastasia Kozak, Chocolate Girl, Cristina, Ana-Maria Lazar, Ooliyah, Angelica Duque, Patricia Ramirez, Luisa Fernanda, Basalic Jonut, Monica Vicente,  Tiffanie Estefania, Aida Wellgaye, Yasilis, Sara Parra, Susana Martinez, Rosy, Gia, Trinity, Aldana Gonzalez, Slenka, Alyssa Sparks, Yolanda Avomo, Maria Benedi, Teresa Ndong . . .





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