Marlene Diva’s November in BarcelonaOctober 23rd, 2018

Marlene Diva’s November in Barcelona

3 Nov.           Sala Nota 79          21:30hrs
9 Nov.            Jam Circus           20:00hrs
17 Nov.          Porta Roja          20:00hrs

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Marlene Diva Live 3rd Nov. Nota 79 (Barcelona)October 21st, 2018

Soul & Kizomba + Tango @ Nota 79 Barcelona

Marlene Diva, a vocalist with roots from Angola, who played 3 roles in Disney movie “Frozen” Spanish version, presents her EP “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” with a live show of Soul & Kizomba + Tango, alongside Jogelina Cángaro, pianist and guitarist from Argentina, backed with other musicians and dancers, presenting a unique experience.

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Presentation of As Mulheres Da Minha Vida (Barcelona)October 12th, 2018

Presentation of AS MULHERES DA MINHA VIDA by Marlene Diva, in the city of Barcelona alongside Jorgelina Cángaro on the keyboard, guitar and backup voices. In some of the shows, we will be backed up by a live band of four musicians and 2 couples of dancers.

We will performing all the tracks from de EP live, giving the songs a new look mixing Soul & Kizomba with Tango.

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Dark Hood 14th AnniversayOctober 1st, 2018

We are now 14 years ! (since 2004)

1 September 2004 Dark Hood
1 October 2009 Dark Hood E-Studios

Now bridging Africa and Europe with more than 430K followers.

#Thanks for the trust.

DE9 – Homeboy [Live Version]September 21st, 2018

DE9 presents the live version of his hit track “Homeboy”

DE9 – Homeboy LyricsSeptember 21st, 2018


uuuh uuuh uuuh uuuh uuuh uuuh uuuh


You was my homeboy way right back
why you wanna treat me this way
you were my homies why you wanna lay me down
you was my homegirl way right back
why you wanna treat me this way
you were my homies why you wanna  Continue reading

Marlene Diva – Angola (official video)August 19th, 2018

The official videoclip  for Marlene Diva’s hit track Angola, is out now.
The videoclip is directed by our director EBi iMagine, whos storyboard idea was the return of Marlene Diva to her home land, facing all her fears and doubts.

Everything in the video clip, moves around the flag, symbols and history of Angola. / Dark Hood Films 2018


New logo for Dark Hood FilmsJuly 18th, 2018

Sky Journal Media now Dark Hood AfricaJune 10th, 2018

Dear followers,

As much as some of you have known, for the past years, we separated our multimedia department “Dark Hood” dedicated to the European community from our journal department “Sky Journal Media” dedicated to the African Continue reading