Tour As Mulheres Da Minha Vida

Tour As Mulheres Da Minha Vida

Marlene Diva presented “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” on the 3rd of November 2018 in Barcelona.


“As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” is the third studio work of Marlene Diva.

The EP has 5 tracks, each of them are dedicated to the women that has marked her personal life and her music carrer.

In this third studio work, Marlene modified and added some new lyrics to songs of Whitney Houston, Cesária Évora, Sade, Lauryn Hill and Mila Domingos (her mother, the leading voice of the methic African band “África Lisanga”) She recorded the song of Soul technique on Kizomba production, a style she denominated as Soul & Kizomba.

Promotional video of AMDMV

As Mulheres Da Minha Vida has received good critics from the local and international press, reaching more than 700.000 streams on digital platforms.

“As Mulheres Da Minha Vida” Live performance (Soul & Kizomba + Tango)

For the live Tour of “As Mulheres Da Minha Vida”, we have created different types of performances merging Soul, Kizomba and Tango.

AMDMV Soul & Kizomba + Tango

For the live performances, Marlene will be backed up by Jorgelina Cángaro on the piano, guitar and backup voices.

Depending on the capacity of the stage, in some of the performances, they will be followed by a band of four musicians which might also be followed by 2 couple of dancers.

Who is Marlene Diva:

Marlene Diva is a singer and composer, who is mostly recognized for her participation in Disney’s film titled Frozen (Spanish version), where she interpreted 3 roles.

This young vocalist with Angolan roots, recently installed in the city of Barcelona, has released two EP and an Album, with songs that swings between genres like soul, pop and kizomba.

Marlene is well recognized and admired by other artists, this makes her voice very familiar on big stages as the backup singer for artists like: Raphael, Melendi, Marta Sánchez, Auryn, Soraya Arnelas, Pastora Soler, David Bustamante, Pitingo… and on albums of artists like Abraham Mateo, Belle Pérez, Mexican Choir, Imran and DE9 among others.

You can frequently find Marlene on TV programmes like: The Voice España, Pizzicato… where she entertains the audience as a solo singer or as one of the leading voice of Gospel Factory, one the most important Gospel choir in Europe.

Marlene was interviewed on BBC radio and she toured 15 cities and 5 countries with her first studio work “Nadie” (2008).

Marlene Diva – Angola (official Video)

Marlene Diva – TV Tour (Gospel)

Marlene Diva – Passeio Semba

Marlene Diva – Ay, Amor

Who is Jorgelina Cángaro:

Jorgelina Cángaro was born on the 18th of August 1984 in the city of Ayacucho, (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) She passed her childhood and adolescence there, she also did her primary, secondary  and university studies there, gaining  the title of music teacher  and instrumentalist (piano, voice, clarinet, guitar, percussion).

In 2006 she moved to the city of Mar del Plata and 2 years later she started some composition and production work, and due to her need of creating, exploring and expanding… she started traveling.

Her music started mutating and her creations started to incorporate new colours and textures, creating a fusion of electric sounds and evironments mixed with folkloric rhythm with acoustic and native instruments.

Jorgelina has released 2 albums: “Imperatriz” and”Desde Las Sombras”

Temporada 1 “Música Al Aire Libre” – Completo (Jorgelina Cángaro)

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